Monday, 22 February 2016

Slab Finally Done

Finally we have been waiting for this moment for so long! Our slab is done and dusted. Might I just add Porter Davis was very quick in sending through the invoice!! 
Now it seems real with seeing where everything is. Can't wait until they start the frame! 
Here are some photos! P.S look at that amazing sunset we will have the view of from our alfresco

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Pre slab inspection

So after being stuffed around with no communication that our slab wasn't ready for pre slab inspection finally on Friday we got the green light! 
We had our independent building inspector and there was only 4 minor issues that were fixed then and there with the concrete guys. 1 of the steel wasn't tied down right and 3 were missing. All has been fixed and thank god that there were no other issues! 
Our slab gets poured on Monday the 22nd of February on a beautiful 30 degree sunny day! 
Here are some updated photos

Friday, 5 February 2016

Slowly moving

They have now started the piering! 
My husband has spoken to the slab supervisor and our slab has been scheduled to be poured on the 15th of February... Woooooooo 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

House Furnishings...

So my husband and I have collected over the 11 years we have been together. Majority when we got married last year.. (yes we are high school sweet hearts from the age of 12).
Although since we secured the block last year we have started to  buy a lot of things for the house and so far we have everything except for our bed and kitchen bench stools hehehe :)
I hope you like them...

Outdoor chairs
For our alfresco area
Our amazing fridge
Side tables for the living area 
Our amazing 1m diameter Skelton clock
Our concrete dining table with our dining ghost chairs 
French black essa stone through porter Davis with our chosen tiles from my dads shop 'The Tile Shed' these are charcoal porcelain tile floorboards honestly the best thing ever!! 
Samsung washing machine and dryer 

Amazing grey leather feather filled couch (our piece of heaven) 
Light fitting for the living area 
Dining table pendant light 

Living room Samsung tv 75"

About 9 car loads later into storage (we aren't kidding when we said we were collecting) 

Next purchase will be our fireplace 😍 we can't wait!!!! This exact fire place!! 

All of these are just a pinch into what we have got for the house already ... 

We've Started!!

So in the mean time while waiting to find out our start date I did a drive by the block since I was in the area.
Success they have started our site scrap!! I was over the moon when I started to see that things have moved. So here are some updated pictures...
We have a rock! 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Choices, Choices, Choices

Last year back in March we finally found a floor plan we just loved.
We got to secure a block in the Aston Estate - Craigieburn and thought we would wait for a while until we build. Little did we know our floorplan was getting deleted. We had to make the decision within 4 weeks. Even though we felt rushed we looked at it from all aspects... 'Ashgrove' was the one for us. Where do we sign....

While all of this was happening i also had to plan my wedding to with only months to go (one big stress ball) and hubby was building his business and was extremely occipued with that alone. I took the challenge on with organising a wedding and a house at the same time... never regret it for anything.

World of style was just an amazing exprience we went at least 5 times before our appointment and absolutely smashed it out on the day.. expect when it came to (drum roll) the KITCHEN!! Just trying to get all aspects of the kitchen right as I want it to be the main area for our future family.

We then offically signed our contracts on the 9th of Setpemeber... although our block wasn't due to settle until February 2016.

We receieved great news in November 2015 that our block was due to settle on the 7th of December... what a bouns!! Way ahead of schedule and better yet we get to start building earlier!!!

Friday the 29th of February our temporary fencing has gone up... clock is ticking and now and waiting for a letter to find out our site start date and progress...